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Helping everyday life transform into something fabulous.

Faith Tokyo Interior Salon is an interior design coordination shop situated in Aoyama. Our salonfs characteristics are as follows:

Over 100,000 selections of curtains, furniture, lighting, etc.

Customers can compare various types of catalogs and samples at once.

Professional interior coordinators provide support to customers.

We are pleased to help everyday life transform into something fabulous by building a bridge of trust with customers.
Please feel free to come enjoy our services.


High-quality interior products.

Faith offers a wide selection of high quality products that combine design and functionality with excellent materials.

From curtains, furniture, and lighting to art objects, customers can compare items using various samples and catalogues.



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1. Reservation

Please make a reservation to visit our salon.

Use the following inquiry form to make a reservation. The salon is open on weekends by reservation only. We are closed if there is no reservation.

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2. Meeting

Meeting at the salon

Please come to our salon in Aoyama to meet with our coordinator. The meeting will go smoothly if you bring a room drawing, image or picture, and magazines.

When our staff visit you for meeting (off-site meeting)

Our coordinator directly visits the location specified by customer and have a meeting. The meeting will go smoothly if you could bring a room drawing, image or picture, and magazines.

Individual consultation charge: JPY 5,000 per session (excluding tax)
*Some areas are the outside of our service area. For details, please contact us.

Customers who wish to receive comprehensive coordination services.
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3. Estimation

After the meeting, we will send estimates within one to two weeks. Please review the estimates in two to three weeks.

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Consultation for comprehensive coordination services

In the case where our specialized staff take charge of the comprehensive coordination of a room and prepare a presentation document, we will ask for your requests in more detail.

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An explanation of the coordination plans

We will provide the plans prepared by our coordinators and submit estimates. The planning charge starts at JPY 30,000.

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4. Ordering

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5. Pre-check/Measurement

After the order is settled, there are some cases where we request checking and taking a measurement of a room depending on the product and plans to be purchased.

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6. Payment

Please remit payment through a wire transfer using a bank or the post office. After the payment is confirmed, the production of products and ordering will be placed.

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7. Delivery

At the time of delivery, we ask customers to be present. The delivery date will differ depending on the products and it might take more than two months for imports.


It is our desire to take time and listen to our customers.

Our salon offers services by advance reservation only so that we can provide each customer with courteous proposals.
We look heartily forward to seeing you.


201 JP-2 Bldg 2-10-24 Kitaaoyama Minatoku, Tokyo #107-0061 (*The landmark is a pine tree.)

Open 10:00`18:00

Our salon offers services by advance reservation only. Please make a reservation using the inquiry form.

Customers visiting by car are asked to use nearby coin-operated parking.


Please feel free to contact us.

iMultiple inquiries are acceptedj
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